The development of domestic bearing enterprises should seize the opportunity of process



With the development of China's strategic emerging industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the import of high-end bearings has increased rapidly. At present, all high-speed rail bearings are imported, and some high-speed precision machine tool bearings need to be imported. In the long run, it will adversely affect the growth of China's strategic emerging industries.

The development speed of some high-end bearings can not keep up with the development speed of the main engine. First, because of the unstable properties of the raw materials, the life and reliability of the bearings are unstable, and it is difficult to enter the host market. Two, because of the rapid development of the high-end equipment, the bearing bench test of all kinds of high-end equipment is too big to keep up, which leads to the slow progress of the bearing development.

According to the market research center, bearing is an important and key basic component in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determines the performance, quality and reliability of the major equipment and host products, and is known as the "heart" component of the equipment manufacturing. In recent years, the domestic wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, deep drilling rig, offshore drilling platform and other fields have opened huge equipment demand market, but bearing as the key base parts has become the soft rib of its development. According to the development direction of China's bearing industry, the core technology of bearing determines the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Bearing is the foundation of manufacturing industry. If China's manufacturing industry wants to go on the high end, the bearing must first go to the high end. It is worth mentioning that the domestic high-end bearing market has great potential, which also provides opportunities for domestic bearing enterprises. The core technology to break through the high end bearing is the good medicine to break the bearing industry.

There is a great demand for high-end bearings in China, and many market segments will continue to grow. In the field of energy and equipment, enterprises such as Ming Yang wind power and gold wind technology are increasing production this year, and the export demand of SIEMENS, GE and other well-known international enterprises is also increasing. In addition, in order to break the foreign barriers, reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness, the domestic host industry has increased the demand for the intermediate and high-end products to replace the import, and the high market potential is huge. The demand for high end bearing exports is also expanding in the international supply chain. In the last two years, foreign enterprises have expanded the purchasing amount in China from bearing to forgings. As long as the products can be upgraded to meet the needs, the international market has a broad prospect.

The domestic bearing enterprises should seize the opportunity of medium and high-end goods instead of imports and carry out the export of high-end commodities, and reverse the disadvantages and get out of the mire. Although the development of the bearing industry in recent years is not bad, the competition in recent years is becoming more and more intense. In particular, some foreign group companies, with their brand, technology, capital and production scale advantages, to the domestic bearing enterprises have brought no small pressure. For example, Sweden's SKF group, Germany's swer group, Japan's NSK group and so on, have entered the Chinese market, set up a production base, and they are the global operation and manufacturing, compared with the domestic small enterprises, the gap is too big. This requires us to have our own technology and brand, so that we can have our foothold.