The potential potential of domestic bearings is unlimited


Because of the high speed of high wire rolling mill in the process of production and heavy load of bearing and large impact load, the quality and life of the special bearing are very high. In the past, China's high speed finishing mill bearings rely on imports for a long time, and they need to spend a lot of foreign exchange every year. In order to break the monopoly of foreign investors in this market, Luoyang Zhong Yue Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. organized strength to carry out domestic work on high line rolling bearing, successfully passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, and has strong technical force. The special bearing developed by the company has been trial run for more than half a year. It runs well and has stable performance. Experts think that this kind of bearing is advanced in design, reasonable in process, excellent in processing and advanced in testing equipment. The bearing of high line finishing mill developed and produced is the first in China.

The smooth production of the special bearing production line of high wire rolling mill is of great significance for the adjustment of the variety structure of the wire products and the development of the national economy. According to the survey, most of the domestic high line finishing mill bearing orders are from the imported bearings. The famous brands are full of products, high precision and wide adaptability, but the price is expensive, the time of delivery is long, and the after sale is not guaranteed. Throughout the domestic bearing manufacturers, most varieties are incomplete or incomplete. Luoyang Zhong Yue Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. is a leading bearing manufacturer specializing in high quality high speed rolling mill. After years of development research, the company has launched a complete system and full range of high wire rolling mill bearings, not only excellent quality, strong adaptability, but also more competitive in price, making domestic bearings have made the world's leading achievements in this field. At present, the products of Hyatt bearing company are not only widely praised in China, but also exported to overseas. In the world bearing stage, it is higher than the famous bearing manufacturers in various countries. The company produces a variety of precision bearings, specializing in the production of P4, P2 precision standards. Besides, Zhong Yue bearing company provides various configurations for products, and can also manufacture customized bearings products to meet the needs of our customers.

It is understood that compared with the imported high line rolling mill special bearings, domestic bearings not only have a considerable technical level and higher quality guarantee, but also the price advantage is more obvious. Luoyang Zhong Yue Precision Bearing Co., Ltd. not only has a breakthrough in technical development, but also a better service in service. It is based on honesty and credit, and is respecting customer, and formulating the market strategy to adapt to the customer. The after-sales service of the household. This is not only the progress and development of the company, but also the progress of the domestic bearing industry.